Therapy for Healthy Habits and a Peaceful Mind 

Dr. Debra Gill, NJ Psychologist

With my 20 years of specialized experience helping people develop lasting skills for managing their weight, I know what REALLY helps. Participating conscientiously in my Mindful Weight-Loss Coaching program, will enable you to:

  • Get more enjoyment from each bite of food
  • Indulge in foods that give you JOY
  • Avoid extreme hunger
  • Move beyond urges to overeat
  • Nurture and fuel your body with a variety of delicious foods
  • Soothe and comfort yourself without turning to food
  • Understand why you’re eating when not hungry (and how to stop doing it!)
  • Take care of your body without suffering through exercises you hate
  • Use your body’s natural wisdom to make you successful
  • Stop hating your body and start appreciating it
  • Lose inches and unhealthy fat

In-Person Coaching

Weight-loss coaching is easily  incorporated as part of more comprehensive in-person psychotherapy involving any other issues, including, but not limited to binge eating, stress eating, depression, anxiety, anger, addictions, procrastination, and relationship concerns.

All in-person therapy/weight coaching sessions are eligible for insurance reimbursement. As explained on psychotherapy page, I am an out-of-network provider. My fee is $200 per session ($300 for initial assessment session). As a service to you, I will submit claims electronically to your insurance company so that you can receive reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Phone Coaching

Adult weight-loss coaching is also offered over the phone. Phone coaching is perfect for people who live too far from my Livingston office to see me in person. It also works well for people who want to schedule sessions during the day from their homes or places of work and can't travel to my office because of time constraints or a need to stay with young children.

Phone coaching is intended for people who do not require treatment for an eating disorder or other substantial mental health problem. Phone coaching clients do not receive a mental health diagnosis and coaching sessions are not submitted to insurance. Although behavioral health insurance will not cover telephone weight-loss coaching, Flexible Spending Accounts do cover weight loss coaching as long as there is a medical reason to lose weight, such as obesity, diabetes, or other significant health risk.

A typical phone coaching program includes:

Initial phone session 
Assessment, goal-setting, skill overview

60 minutes, $300

5 phone sessions scheduled within a two-month period
45 minutes each, $900 
(when purchased in advance)
Includes email and text coaching
as needed to accomplish your goals.

If purchased one-at-a-time
Individual sessions after assessment are $200 each.

While the initial assessment session is required, the number of additional phone sessions can be adjusted to suit individual needs.

Please contact me to discuss your situation and design an effective weight loss coaching program for you.

Weight Loss Coaching

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