Therapy for Healthy Habits and a Peaceful Mind 

Dr. Debra Gill, NJ Psychologist

I provide individual therapy for adults, adolescents and pre-adolescents.
I also work with couples.

Therapeutic Approach:

I tailor my treatment to your personal needs and preferences so that it will be both comfortable and effective.  I use a combination of active approaches from my experience, certifications and training in:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindful Eating 
  • Stress Management, Relaxation, and Self-Soothing
  • Biofeedback
  • Clinical Hypnosis
  • Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

My style is highly interactive and focused on making sure you gain something of value from every individual or group session we share. I will listen compassionately and ask questions to better understand your patterns, beliefs, and reactions. We will always approach your experiences with non-judgmental acceptance while developing a plan of action and goals that will move you forward.

Working with me, you'll learn how to observe your experiences with a sense of curiosity, acceptance and self-compassion. You'll soon be able to describe your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and behavioral urges without criticizing yourself or using problematic behaviors to escape and avoid. In the realm of eating, you'll learn to fully enjoy pleasurable sensations in your mouth and to detect signals of hunger and fullness. Such mindful eating will make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and a positive relationship with food and your body.

Specializations and Areas of Treatment:

I am a specialist in Eating Disorders, Healthy Weight Loss, and Obesity. I am continually improving my knowledge and skills through my involvement in the National Eating Disorders Association, the Binge Eating Disorder Association, and The Obesity Society. I treat:

  • binge eating
  • compulsive eating
  • emotional eating
  • bulimia
  • excessive exercise
  • anorexia
  • body image
  • early intervention with eating and body issues in young people
  • Medical conditions or medications that cause weight gain or make weight 
    ​loss difficult (steroids, PCOS, thyroid, psychiatric medications, etc.)
  • Pregnancy weight gain and body concerns
  • Bias and discrimination against people seen as overweight or obese
  • Bariatric surgery preparation and lifestyle change

​​I also specialize in Anxiety treatment

  • Social Anxiety/Fear of embarrassment 
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Anxiety (worry, panic attacks, OCD, phobias)
I specialize in Addiction as well
  • alcohol abuse or dependence
  • substance abuse or dependence
  • shopping/Spending/Gambling
Other types of problems I work with frequently include:
  • Depression (major depression, bipolar disorder, dysthymia)
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder
  • Procrastination / Disorganization / ADHD/ADD
  • Chronic illness / Chronic pain
  • Relationship issues/Communication in marriage and close relationships
  • Divorce (contemplating, coping with, growing from, sharing custody)
  • Parenting challenges
  • Job Stress / Career transitions
  • Anger

Success stories   

Hi Debra! I am so happy to be graduating from therapy with my goals met!  Can you believe I have not binged in a year?!   I am slowly getting back to my healthiest weight and I’m enjoying my hiking and exercise classes!  The work we did on my self-compassion was so important too. I can truly say I no longer waste time beating myself up or worrying about things that don’t go perfectly… Thanks again for everything.

---Women in her 30's who grew past her binge eating and is successfully managing her bipolar disorder

The binge eating and purging was taking over my daughter’s life. Her struggle was affecting our relationship. I’m happy to report that she has her life back and I have my daughter back.

---Mother of 18 year old recovering from bulimia nervosa

Fees and Insurance:

  • The fee for a regular therapy session is $225.
  • The initial session is longer and the fee is $300. 
  • Payment is due at the time of the session by check, credit card or cash.
  • I am an out-of-network provider for all commercial insurance companies.
  • As a service to my clients, I will electronically submit a weekly claim to     your insurance company to help you get prompt reimbursement.
  • Fees can sometimes be reduced to accommodate people with no out-of-network insurance coverage and genuine financial hardship.
  • I am a provider for the Medicare program. Fees for clients covered by Medicare are set by the government and I honor those fees. 
  • Medicare clients will need to pay their designated portion of this fee at the time of our session or provide a secondary insurance to cover this.


Dr. Debra Gill, Clinical Psychologist
124 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue
Livingston, NJ ​07039​Phone: (973) 820-5174 Website: ​www.eatingdisordertherapistnj.com