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Dr. Debra Gill, NJ Psychologist

Body Image Group

Dr. Debra Gill, Clinical Psychologist
124 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue 
Livingston, NJ ​07039
​Phone: (973) 820-5174 
Website: www.eatingdisordertherapistnj.com

The body image group is for any person who would like to feel more comfortable, confident and connected with his or her body. People in this group may feel ashamed, self-conscious and anxious about their body, may be preoccupied with achieving or maintaining a particular body type, or may avoid participating in enjoyable activities due to embarrassment about their body.

Experiential Lessons Include:

  • Understanding your relationship with your body: Parts you like and dislike
  • Seeing the environmental and developmental factors that shaped your body image
  • Developing a kinder relationship with your body
  • Visualizing your life after you have learned to accept your body
  • Evaluating and changing the messages you tell yourself about our body
  • Exploring what your body or body image may be hiding or protecting you from
  • Celebrating all that your body can help you do and experience
  • Paying attention to what your body can tell you about your feelings and desires
  • Revealing the beauty of you that lives inside your body
  • Learning how to respect, honor, trust and take care of your body.

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